claire davies, designer, creative director, intuitive branding

Everything I do starts with a theme and an emotion. It´s a total joy to work with craftspeople to bring my designs to life for contemporary audiences.
Barcelona based designer Claire Davies creates luxury furniture design collections and  also unique installations for spaces. She works together with leading European Design Companies and Institutions.
Her work is award winning and  has been shown in Milan, London, Stockholm, Paris and Japan.

” The best way to describe this woman I´ve known and admired for 20 years is an explorer of potential, both her own and those around her.

People like simple labels and this is rather a problem for Claire, becuase she doesn ´t fit into the ordinary. I actually don´t think she even has any cards. Although I do remember her taking ones to the Design Fair Milan this year that simply said; the nice lady with the big nose. Memorable enough I suppose!

She also explores people. She can often be dissarmingly down to earth with her honest feedback that can sometime cut to the bone.

She has an unfailing capacity to see the potential in others and for years I´ve seen her become the catalyst for change in both countless clients and the many friends and colleagues around her. ”

By Diego Fabra CEO & Partner of Fabra Davies Agency

” I can say with confidence that she one of the most engaging individuals I have ever worked with. She stretches people´s potential both personally and professionally. Claire is incredibly multi-talented and a pioneer in intuitive branding.”

By Marian Evans Director Llanstephan Castle Project

” Claire is talented, personable, generous with her time and energy, and superbly creative. There have been a number of occasions in the past couple of years when she’s nudged me to try something different and, as a result, we came out with far better results than I had predicted. I’ll also never forget an AWS event we worked on together in Italy, where the night of setup her back went but she absolutely refused to stop working until she’d perfected the buildup to her standards. It’s that level of energy, care, and attention to detail that makes her an amazing creative lead. If you work with her, you can rest assured that this is someone who will throw everything they have into success. “

By Vicky Wilson Amazon Web Services European Marketing Director

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