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I want to start my own Label

claire davies, designer, sheila Moranne

Why are you starting your own label?

My heart is in design and so I want to be in control of what I créate, I think I´ve got to a stage where I want creative freedom, to be able to experiment with how far I can go. I´m excited to not have the limitations from a partner manufacturer. That and I´ve been so many years as a creative director, doing so many different aspects of design and marketing that I figured I could have a go at running my own show.

Whats the label like?

It´s called Sheila Moranne and it will be an umbrella for all the pieces and designs I already have and lots of new ítems. Sheila is all about the mix, a vibe of glamour, Mediterranean vintage and wanderlust living.

Why this name?

Well, I actually had a really vivid dream about this amazing Australian lady called Sheila Morganne who lived at the end of the 60´s and threw amazing bohemian dinner parties under the stars. She´d gather poets, directors, paupers and millionaires and talk passionately about life and dreams . The dream so was so clear and intense that I woke up thinking that one day I´m going to build a brand around that lady.

Where can we buy the furniture?

Stage one is a shop online that´s coming soon and stage two will be pop up stores.

Extract Press Release , interview with Patrica Nuñez

claire davies, designer, sheila Moranne
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