Claire Davies explores dragonfly shapes with launch of chair collection in Barcelona called Libelula , Dragon Fly.

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British designer Claire Davies will launch several new furniture collections at Interi Hotel Show this week with the manufacturer Silleria Verges including the sculptural Libelula and a collection called Glowr inspired by british utility furniture made from beech wood.


libelula collection, claire davies, dragon fly, silleria verges, rafemar furniture

The Libelula chairs come as high stools, lounge or chairs – all designed for the home or hospitality sectors. They have comfortable upholstered fabric seats set on bent tube legs inspired by dragon fly wings.

libelula high stool, dilleria verges, claire davies, rafemar

Davies will be displaying everything at the Interi Hotel Show, Interi HOTEL is Spain’s largest showcase specializing in hotel interior design. This year’s edition will be held from 25th to 27th of November at Barcelona’s CCIB(International Convention Centre).

libelula table, libelula chair, claire davies, interior designer, verges, rafemar

She will showcase her work alongside prestigious Spanish designers including Lazaro Rosa Violan and Yago Sarri at the Silleria Verges Stand.

libelula tables, dragon fly chair, claire davies
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