Thought Leaders Unite for Exponential Growth.

Business experts, entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, philosophers and ecologists join forces to discuss the future of industry and society.

Extract by Mathias Jäger From Hamburg Startups Business Page

There are terms that should be used very sparingly because they are almost worn out to the point of being unrecognizable. “Inspirational” is one of them. The MLOVE Forum, which took place last week in Heiligendamm, has definitely deserved this designation.

Mlove Summit 2016

In the seaside resort of Heiligendamm the five restored historic buildings that form the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm have been shining since 2003. And here the future had already begun, at least for the time from 7 to 9 July 2016.

On these days was the MLOVE forum , the first lectures into state-of-the-art technology and exponential growth in society. With a great mixture of invitation only guests; the thought leaders that are shaping the future of industry.

mlove conference

Again and again, the term “exponential growth” will change even more in the future than most people are aware of. Everything is in motion, the prices are falling, the efficiency increases, the lifetime of enterprises drops, the innovation of today is already hopelessly outdated tomorrow. Anyone who is not prepared for this acceleration will quickly fly out of the curve.

Mlove, Best speakers

This year MLOVE looked at mobility with three of the most important thinkers in the German auto sector; Johann Jungwirth (VW), Alexander Mankowsky (Daimler) and Dieter May (BMW). They shared their vision of a safer and more sustainable transport world.

technlogy, mlove summit 2016

An essential element of all MLOVE events is the diversity of the participants. For this reason, business experts and technicians are not the only ones to speak, but also artists and designers, the transitions often being fluid. Best examples: Liat Segal with her Confession Machine, Anina Net with high-tech fashion, Dave Mathews, who rebuilt a Boing 747 to a show car for the Burning Man Festival, and Naziha Mestaoui, who projected virtual trees on the Eiffel Tower.

mlove summit 2016

Mapping projections provided an ideal backdrop for a concert of the finnish Elektroduos Phantom, which could then still take place outside. That the viewers were almost exclusively dressed in white is, of course, no coincidence, because the program was a “White Dinner”. And then a party with plenty of Moscow Mule and …

mlove summit, claire davies

And then the MLOVE forum was over. What remains? A lot, even if it did not give answers to all the questions posed by the lectures and workshops. This was not the task of the event, which has already achieved a great deal by giving thought-provoking ideas and opening up new perspectives. But the most important were and are the 150 people who have come together from all over the world on theses three days.

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